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Saxon Mountain, CO

July 25, 2009

After leaving the guys at Peru Creek I decided to run Saxon Mountain outside Georgetown on the way home.  The guidebook I was looking at (not carefully enough) rated the trail easy.  There wasn't anything terribly difficult about the trail but it was the bumpiest road I've ever been on.  We're talking filling loosening, bladder evacuating, bumpy.  My idea of running at street pressure went out the window by the 2nd switchback.  The views from the top were amazing and almost made the trip worth it.  Not wanting to go back out the same way I connected up a bunch of trails through the Lamartine town site on down to Idaho Springs.

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Not only did I have to dodge embedded rocks and fallen boulders, but this debris field as well.
Some of the embedded rocks typical of this trail.
The switchbacks heading up from Georgetown.
A storm is brewing.


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